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Predator League Championship Pool Stats – All Groups

Complete Tournament StatsHere we present overall Tournament Stats for the Predator Championship League Pool Series presented by Matchroom. Below is a guide illustrating the different overall tournament stats we provide. The main page has links to the individual matches of the tournament. Defensive Success Rate (DSR)A simple yet powerful measure of a player’s safety levelShot […]

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Live Stats Coming Soon

It is with great pleasure for us to introduce another feature to add to our dossier: Real-time stats on live matches. January 15th 2021 The wonderful community of companies offering us streams to watch the money matches and other endurance matches is an amazing feautre almost unique to the cue sports. Yes, many sports have […]

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Clutch Shooting Percent: Formal White Paper

http://poolst.at/pdf2 Abstract The aim of this paper is to describe and list a new Pool Stats metric, which we call a sabermetric, after the notion that was introduced to the sport of baseball by Bill James. We define ‘clutch’ to mean a player’s performance in executing the shots needed to seal a victory throughout the […]


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