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Damian Romanowski III graduated from University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in the Mathematical Sciences and a minor in Statistics. He went on to receive a Masters of Science in Mathematics from Clemson University with a focus on Number Theory. Damian learned to program computers when he was 14, learning the C language and later adapting to C++. Over the past 15 years, Damian has become proficient in 10+ different programming languages including Java, Python, Perl, JavaScript, SQL, *nix shell scripting, and even Fortran and x86 assembly. He is an avid programmer, mathematician and pool player. With his advanced mathematical and programming abilities he will be developing the formulas and statistics necessary to adapt, what Matthew provides him with, to the cue sports.                    

Matthew Banks studied Applied and Behavioral Psychology at Loyola University of Chicago. His in-depth knowledge of advanced sports statistics was part of the motivation for Pool Stats. He has a deep interest in understanding the way to measure sports through advanced metrics. The application of Bill James’ sabermetrics to the game of pool was his inspiration for us to take on the task of measuring the game of pool in a new light. Matthew constantly seeks out resources that may be applicable to the cue sports and provides the necessary information for Damian to adapt them.



We hope with our knowledge of sports statistics and Vincent’s mathematical and computational ability that we can bring an advanced tool to analyze the game of Pool to an entirely new level not yet seen and revolutionize the game for years to come. The goal is to get the serious pool player to look at their game more closely and make the adjustments, based on mathematical analysis, to better their game. We hope to provide the community with our formulas so that the professionals can use our stats to provide insight into their game as well. But let us not forget, that we also want to bring forth an entire new way for the average person to view the game of pool.

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