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A Brief Overview of the Features of Pool Stats Pro

Main Screen

The main screen of Pool Stats Pro (PSP) is shown here. There you can opt to sign-in to Google Firebase with your Google Account, which will give you options such as, locating users, chatting with users, and linking a player to your Google account. Your Google information is stored securely in a Google Firebase database.


Options & Features

Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the main screen provides you with various options within the app. Such as, Adding a player, Linking a Player, Chat Options, Web App (Rewards Program), and so forth as seen above.


Signed In With Google Account

Once you sign-in to a Google Account using the Sign-in button, you’ll be presented with the screen as seen above. There it will Welcome your name linked to the Google account and allow you to Locate nearby players, who are also signed in to Google with the app, in order to chat and set up matches with local players.


Locate Nearby Users

When clicking the “Locate” button on the home screen, you will be presented with a map as seen here. It will give you pins of users within a 50 mile radius of your current location. You may click the pins which will provide you with a pop-up to chat with the user. If you decide to send the user a message with our in-app messaging system, you can set-up matches by talking to them directly.


Chat With Players

Here is the chat screen for users currently signed into Google within the PSP app and shows their “Linked” player. You may click any of the users and begin a chat with them. However, it doesn’t tell you the location of the user. That is what the “Locate” button on the main screen is for. This allows you to chat with other members on anything, if they so decide to respond to your inquiries. The chat uses Google Firebase and all information is stored securely in a Google Firebase database.


Messaging Interface

This is the interface of what a typical chat with a particular player will look like. It has the same layout as most other messaging apps and not much is different. It even allows emojis!


Pool Stats Rewards Program

In the “Web App” selection from the drop-down menu on the main screen, when clicking the three dots, gives you the chance to create a PoolStats.co account. This is an account on our website. You may also enter the username you already have an account with on the website.

The advantage to creating and signing in to poolstats.co is that every row recorded and upload adds points to your accounts which you may use to buy anything on our site. Membership programs, stickers, swag and more. This is our rewards program for uploading data to our servers.




This is the settings interface. In it, you can set game play settings that our algorithms will take into consideration when recording data. It ultimately decides how the algorithms will choose the victor among other options as well.


Link Player

Here you can link a player you have created within the app to your Google Firebase account. The benefits of doing this, allows you to Locate and Chat with other users of Pool Stats Pro. No game data is saved to the linked player. It is mainly for the Locate and Chat feature.


Add Player

Here is our “Add Player” interface. You’ll see it asks for basic information about the player you want to create. If you know your FargoRate readableID then you can enter that and it will retrieve your FargoRate and store it in our databases. The only requried fiedl is Player Name. Skill Level is for APA, LeagueID is for League accounts with us as so is Team Name.


Search Players

This feature allows you to search for players in our database. It’s very handy if you join our Crowdsourcing program, where you get paid to record matches. You simply type in the first letter or first name of a player and it will retrieve results from our server databases of players. Clicking the Blue Card will add the player to your app.


Game Selection Interface

After clicking the “8 Ball”, “9 Ball” or “10 Ball” from the bottom selector on the main screen, you will will be presented with this interface. Here you will decide who the players are by clicking the blue cards, adding a Tournament name, Race To, and Table Size, and the optional clicking of the APA check box to decide the “Race To” based on APA skill level and APA’s guidelines for skill level necessary wins to secure a match win. Clicking the “+” button in the bottom right will allow you to add players to your app.


Main Game Interface (8-ball)

This is the interface for an 8-ball match between to players. You may select the “Shot Type” and the “Shot Probability” of each shot so that we can collect highly accurate stats on your games recorded. Select the ball the player has made and it will move to the side of the screen of the player who makes the shot. Only select a ball if it is potted. That is if they simply miss the shot, DO NOT select a ball and record the shot as missed and the ball potted unless that is what you intended. The same functionality applies to Defensive and Foul Shots as well. The little bookmark icon in the top right corner allows you to bookmark the current match. This will allow you to view your Bookmarks from the Main Menu and get a detailed breakdown of the game.


Shot Type and Shot Probability

On the “Shot Type” selector, a dropdown menu will appear with the various types of shots to record. Such as, Break, Slice, Jump, Carom, etc. This is for deep data collecting and will be beneficial to your use for advanced metrics within the App on through our Web Interface. The “60” in the bottom left hand corner is a timeclock. Click it to star the clock at the beginning of each shot. There is also a “Shot Probability” slider where you can adjust how difficult the shot is. Use your best judgment with this, as we will make detailed analysis of the rate at which each probability actually occurs.

Game Recording Example

Here is a rough view of some of the stats the game interface will show after playing through a game. You will see under each player, Total Shots, Missed Shots, Defensive Shots, and their respective Shooting Percentage.

An Example of a game being played.

Game Recording (9-Ball)

Here is an example of recording a 9-ball game. The same interface applies to 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball as well, with the adjustment of the numbered balls appearing for the respective games.


Game Winning Algorithm

Here it shows a dialog menu when the game is over. Our algorithms know when you win a game based on if it was a Foul, or the various settings you applied in the Settings section of the App. It will know if the 8-ball when in first or second if that is what you intended. The are advanced game analysis algorithms and have been tested thoroughly.

Stats Player Selection

Here is the screen when you click “Statistics” on the main menu options. It provides a list of all players in your app. Simply click on a card and hit “Calculate” to view that player’s stats.

Statistics Breakdown

Here is the advanced interface for statistics on a player. You’ll see a Pie chart at the bottom showing the player’s percentages of type of shots taken. Above that is various overall statistics on the player. We also include some of our more advanced metrics, which we have derived from detailed analysis of pool i.e., Clutch Shooting Percentage, True Shooting Percentage. These are advanced metrics that you can only find with Pool Stats. The statistics are broken down into 3-month buckets so you can track your stats over time and see how you can improve your game. Swipe left to view each 3 month bucket.

Rotating Cube

We are just showing off with this screenshot. It provides a rotating cube when you swipe left. Eye candy in apps are always a pleasant feature.


This is the bookmark interface. In it, gives a breakdown of your bookmarked matches. Stats from Adjusted Shooting Percent, Wins, Breaks, Break & Runs, Break & Runs %, Dry Break and so forth are all in this interface so you can analyze how well you did in the match and pick which areas to focus on for future matches.

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