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Quadrant Live Stats give your leagues and tournaments an opportunity to look in to the live, shot-by-shot, real-time data of every match your pay for. We give a quadrant of graphs, metrics, data points, and stats for you to share with whomever you like, all around the world. We also provide you with a 10GB account on our Nextcloud storage server so that you make take screenshots of the snapshot stats only available in Pool Stats Pro v1.7.0. Upload that screenshot to a predefined directory in your Nextcloud Storage account and we will do the rest to process it on your Quadrant Live Stats page. For added security we can even password protect your Quadrant page.

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Hosting a match or tournament with FargoRate or even Salotto, but are more interested in getting Real-Time data & stats from every shot in every game? Then Quadrant Live Stats are what you need. We will set-up a custom web page for each match you want live stats on. Each page will display a quadrant of graphs, data points, stats, and metrics about the current match in progress. You can share the link with family, friends and other leagues so they can watch the stats of the match in real-time. We can even password protect your web page specific to you so only people you give access to can see it.

Currently we offer a timeseries graph Break & Run percent of each player over the match. We also have a line chart depicting the shooting percent of each player over the entire match. We include the breakdown of shot type selection of each player in nice pie charts with percentages of shots taken. Finally, you get free access to our Nextcloud server, with a 10GB data limit, to upload screenshots of the snapshot of overall common stats. Simply use the Nextcloud app for Android or iPhone to upload this photo to a predefined directory and our servers will handle the rest and display them nicely on your Quadrant page.

Quadrant Live Stats are only availble for users who have access to the limited edition Pool Stats Pro v1.7.0 Android App. We say limited edition because we will only distribute this out to select parties, based on our choosing. Don’t worry it’s not difficult to be selected in order to use Quadrant Live Stats.

Purchasing 1 item of Quadrant gives you 1 page for 1 match. If you would like to host more Quadrant matches, purchase a quantity of these and we will set up a Quadrant page for each match.


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