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Basic Membership


Basic Membership


Basic membership gives you access to your data online through our web dashboard. Also, it provides you with a range of tools for computing advanced statistics which were created by us. Along with the dashboard we offer a forum Discourse to get help on how to create and analyze the stats.


With purchase of the Basic Membership, a unique database will be created specific to the data in the Pool Stats Pro App you used to record and upload the data. You will gain access to your data through our Metabase web dashboard, with over 100+ ready-to-use metrics and visualizations, to compute stats on your game. In the web dashboard, we have basic stats such as Break & Run %, Shooting %, Shot Type break-outs, average shot difficulty, total number of potted balls, etc. You’ll be able to use data analytics to measure various aspects of your pool game.

We didn’t stop there. Our on-site mathematician has formulated advanced statistics specifically for the game of pool. Which include, Defensive Success Rate, Shot Aptitude, Methodical Aptitude, Pythagorean Game Win/Loss %, Nisus, Clutch Shooting Percentage, Average Consecutive Made Balls Per Game, Plus / Minus, Methodicity, and more! Also, you will have free access to cutting-edge stats that are always under development.

It’s a user-friendly web dashboard that allows individuals to create their own visualizations, such as, pie charts, line charts, bubble graphs, maps, and more. If you have any questions regarding how to create visualizations or metrics using our web dashboard, we offer a free forum at https://discuss.poolstats.co, where they can get help with our software.

If you’d like to be able to see where you stack up versus every other pool player and league player, along with data on professional players, try our Silver Membership for only $30/yr.

This membership is good for 1 year.


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